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The average family spends roughly one hour a day in the kitchen, so this is an important living space that needs to be comfortable, but also useful. If you want to perform any home improvements, a kitchen extension is always a great idea. It can help increase the market value, while also adding style and class into your home.

Ever since London’s planning regulations were simplified in 2015, more and more homeowners decided to embark into home renovation projects, including kitchen extensions. Our team at Herko London can provide you with sustainable home extensions which deliver the utmost craftsmanship and state of the art designs. If you’re looking to increase the value of your home while also avoiding stress, a kitchen extension is an exceptional idea.

What kind of extensions can we help with?

Every homeowner has different requirements and expectations from their home. That’s why we provide a multitude of extension types to fit your needs. Also, the available extension styles will differ based on your budget, planning regulations, space and property size, among others.

We can help with:

  • Double storey extensions
  • Side extensions
  • Wraparound extensions
  • Rear kitchen extensions

Rear kitchen extension

The rear extension is designed to add more space at the end of the property. Depending on the project, you can have a room that’s 5m x 3m (STPP). Aside from having a larger space for your kitchen, you can also add large roof windows. These can bring in more natural light. You can also choose from a variety of roof types as well. These include flat roofs, centre pitched roofs or monopitch roofs.

Thanks to the rear kitchen extension, you’re opening up the rear of your property. It can be an ideal option for any family that wants to have more space for gatherings. You can also expand your kitchen and modify it to have an open plan. Read more (#).

Wraparound extension

A wraparound extension includes the side extension, but it also wraps around the back. Most of the time you can extend up to 3-4 meters into the garden. Side returns will apply 2m wide, which makes it easier to keep an eye on everything happening in the kitchen even if you’re in the garden. You’re getting a more impressive space conducive, while increasing the quality of life.

When you choose a wraparound extension for your London home, you can either choose a pitched or flat roof. Both are great options, but we recommend the flat roof since it equals the ceiling height with the older part of your home. That way, you blend both the old and newer part of your home, while also having a great roof to hold everything together.

The wraparound kitchen extension might require the joint planning permission for neighbors. Either that, or you will need the existing structure door to be over 2.1m at the boundary. You should also check with the local authorities to see if any additional permits are necessary. Read more (#).

Side extension

These are also called side return extensions, and they are some of the most popular kitchen extensions in London. When you choose this type of extension, you’re building 1.25m on the side of the property. You’re also finishing the flush on the back of your house.

The advantage is that you can choose whatever roof style you want. Depending on the property, you can choose either a flat roof or a pitched roof added over the extension. Glass roofs are very popular because they bring lots of natural sunlight into the kitchen. Nowadays, regulations state that you must have your pitched roof down to 2.1 on your boundary wall. Read more (#).

Double storey extension

If you’re looking to add lots of extra living space to your home, then Herko London can help you with a comprehensive double storey extension. These extensions provide one of the best ways to boost property value. It’s a 2 storey extension that offers additional living space on 2 different floors, you will have a ground level room and a second level floor which tends to be a bedroom most of the time.

You will most likely need a planning permission for the double storey extension, although some of these extensions can be built under the permitted development rights. The location of a double storey extension can vary, but in general they are more suitable for the back of the property. You can have double storey wrap around extensions or side extensions as well. Herko London’s engineers and architects will work closely with you to bring your vision to life! Read more (#).

Our process:

We will meet with you at the property and understand your current requirements in regards to kitchen/home extensions

We perform a survey to see if the space is suitable for any extension you want, and then come up with a plan.

Our team will provide you with a quote, and based on that you can meet with our architect to narrow down the right design.

If a planning permission is necessary, we will help you apply for one as quickly as possible.

We will book a prestart meeting where you will meet the project manager and foreman, and then we will schedule the building process.

Our project manager will be on location very often and he will keep you updated with the project’s progress!

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