Required headroom for a loft conversion

When it comes to doing a loft conversion, it’s important that you have enough headroom to be able to go ahead with the process. The required head room for your loft to be suitable for your loft conversion requires at least 2.2m from the ceiling joists to the very top of the loft, which equals to about 7 foot and a half. Once your floor and ceiling are put in place in your loft, you should be able to have about 2 metres of headroom once your loft conversion is officially completed, which should be no issue to move around so if your loft meets the headroom criteria then you should have absolutely no issues with converting your loft into new living space!

If your headroom is not high enough, there are options that our architects will be able to provide for you, such as lowering the first floor ceiling or raising the ridge beam.

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