Lighting ideas for your Loft Conversion.

Tips on lighting for your loft conversion or extension.

When preparing to do a loft conversion or extension project, Herko clients ask, how can I maximise lighting? Well, there are many ways to get the most of your light starting with Roof Windows.

Roof windows are one of the simpler ways to install extra lighting. These windows are installed on top of your roof and they’re also known as “Velux Windows”. These windows are great for getting a lot of extra lighting and it gives you an opportunity to see the sky, for someone who enjoys watching views this option is perfect for you.

Dormer Windows are another type of windows that you can install when trying to add extra lighting to your loft. These windows are installed on the side of your room.

During our design meetings, Herko project managers will also guide you through the electrical points to have the best lighting in your space. Our electricians are highly experienced and will also be able to advise you.

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