How to keep your loft cool in summer and warm in winter

When looking to convert your loft into a living area, regulated temperature is very important, whether it’s having cooler air in summer or warmer air going in during colder winter periods.
In a case of your room being too hot in the summer, look to install new windows for example Velux windows are a great choice when it comes to bringing in ventilation, by being able to open them with one click of a button this will allow you to get fresh air from the outside and it’ll help you out with cooling down the temperatures during hot summers and also look at the glazing options, double and triple glazing are energy efficient and will prove to be helpful with regulation of the temperature.
If you notice that your loft room is too cold during winter, then consider installing radiators. Our professionals at Herko will help you with the planning design on where to place them and to make them work properly. Furthermore, if you have windows then consider double and triple glazing as they’re great at regulating temperatures no matter what time of year, whether it’s bringing cooler air in summer or warmer air in winter while reducing the costs of your energy bill.

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